Cuba’s New Real Estate Market

The November 2011 law that permits Cubans to buy and sell residential real estate is among the most impactful of the reforms undertaken in Cuba since Raul Castro became president in 2008.  It opens a potential source of capital to the 84 percent of households where the residents have title to their homes. 

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Reform Chronology

From 2006 to the present, a step-by-step chronicle of the reform process.

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The Hard Part

“Now comes the hardest stage” of Cuba’s economic reform process, Vice President Diaz-Canel recently said in Havana.  Others of higher and lower rank have been saying the same thing.  What do they mean?

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Wholesale markets supporting private agriculture

A vacant lot next to a factory on 114th Street in the western Havana neighborhood of Marianao has become a six-day-a-week wholesale market where farmers and cooperatives sell fresh produce every night to retail vendors, private restauranteurs, and anyone else willing to buy beans by the quintal instead of the pound.

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